Unit Cover Page

Unit Title: Cellular Structure and Function Grade Level(s): 6-8
Subject/Topic Area(s): Life Science; Biology
Key Words: Prokaryote, Eukaryote, organ, tissue, metabolism, organelles, cell type, cell cycle, meiosis, mitosis.
Designed by: Courtney Burns Time Frame:
School District: RSU 10 School: TW Kelly Dirigo Middle School

Brief Summary of Unit

Students will understand that each organism has hierarchy of organization and function and that there are similarities and differences in structure, function and needs that are both among and within organisms. Students will be able to describe the basic functions of cells, illustrate the relationship among cells, tissue, organs and organ systems, test that all organisms are composed of one to millions of cells, and consider and recognize methods used to extract energy, remove waste, reproduce, move and self regulate. At the end of the unit students will create a Prezi presenting cells they discovered at a crime scene. Student will use the presentation to demonstrate their understanding.