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Unit Title: Genetics Grade Level(s): 9-diploma
Subject/Topic Area(s): Life Science; Biology
Key Words: differentiation, heredity, variation
Designed by: Jennifer Baum Time Frame:
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Brief Summary of Unit

Unit Summary:
In this unit, we will explore genetics and the immense possibilities they play in our future. First, we will explore the role of DNA in transferring traits from one generation to the next. We will also look at the genetic differences within cells of the same organism. Variation is a critical and important aspect in adaptations and survival for the millions of species and people on this planet. We will look at the genetic differences between individuals, species, and evolving new species. At the end of the unit, you will have the opportunity to show your understanding of this material by creating an online poster where you will be able to create a mutant/adaptation gene that could be used to advance a particular species. You will be able to describe how the trait will be passed down between generations, how it will differentiate and be expressed between cells, and how it will allow the species to adapt. By the end of your unit, you will know a great deal of details about how you fit into your genes.